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Announcing the publication of Revelations

Andy Chugh is a 19-year-old Canadian who has made his home on the north coast of British Columbia, Canada, for the last decade. He is a second-year student of Montreal's McGill University. On July 21, 2021, he announced the publication of his debut work of non-fiction, Revelations.

“This book is the result of trust that many remarkable people put in me as I dedicated myself to sharing their stories,” said Chugh, who conducted in-depth interviews of over a dozen individuals to gather insights and biographical content. “I’m fascinated by people who reject apathy for a life of action and accomplishment. This book explores episodes of realization and transformation. I hope that by experiencing those lives vicariously, others are inspired and motivated.”

Each chapter of Revelations relays a biographical journey synthesized into a first-person account. The human subjects of Chugh’s interviews represent a wealth of life experiences. They include a peacekeeper, a senator, a self-made investor and an educator. Several are from the Prince Rupert area; others come from cities throughout North America. Each chapter is anonymized, placing the emphasis on experiences themselves instead of identities.

The project allowed Chugh to channel his enthusiasm for writing while gleaning wisdom from interviewees spanning generations. “With most of the interviews, I just asked a simple question then sat back and listened. These are people who are adept at describing their journey. My job was to distill it into written form.”

The book may be ordered by visiting Eddie's News in Prince Rupert, from online providers and Barnes & Noble (coming soon), or by direct request (use the form below). Any sales from the Prince Rupert and Port Edward area may be picked up in person without shipping charges. Signed copies and custom inscriptions are available upon request.

Revelations had its genesis as a project Chugh undertook for the Rising Stars business mentorship program of the Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce, but soon took on a life of its own. He completed the interviews and composition largely during the months of COVID-19-related isolation.

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